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Our experience means we offer assistance in many different industries.

Goldhar & Associates services small to mid-size corporations, including privately-held Canadian controlled corporations:

Having the professional team from Goldhar & Associates Ltd. on your side will set you ahead in a time of uncertainty. The professional team has been dealing with distressed company’s for over 50 years, and we have seen almost every scenario, and we know how to get you over the speedbump! Once you make the first call, you know you will be in great hands, and received the honest, accurate and needed the advice to get you to the finish line you desire! When contemplating a business restructuring you need the right team. With Goldhar & Associates Ltd. Corporate Turnaround Team you know you picked the champions within the restructuring industry. As part of our core values at the firm, we listen, we care, we assist and we act, which results in outcomes you would otherwise only dream of! You need to pick your team of professionals to assist you with these most important discussions, and that requires a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, which is what Goldhar & Associates Ltd. is!

Richard Goldhar & Kenneth Tessis

Unpaid invoices, the loss of key accounts or a fundamental shift in the business landscape

The Team of Licensed Insolvency Trustees at Goldhar & Associates Ltd. has the experience to advise you and develop a strategy to restructure your business and shed the debt®. Our Team experience in assisting businesses of all sizes through corporate restructuring both in a formal and informal capacity has proven results that are exceptional.  Our team has assisted many businesses with various restructuring strategies. Our insolvency professionals understand the imperatives of helping a business stay operational while restructuring and needing to retire its debt.

Anything can become the speed bump that bounces your business into crippling debt.