The Canada Recovery Benefit has ended, and alongside thousands of other workers, you may be wondering what happens next. The working world is trying to return to business as usual, but there are many workers and business owners struggling without support. In what is now the fourth wave of the pandemic, there is still a lot of uncertainty in the air.

Fortunately, the Canadian government has looked towards that uncertain future and planned a replacement for the CRB. This new program taking its place, the Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit, will provide $300 a week to workers affected by local lockdowns, regardless of their insurance status. In the event of another total shutdown, this will help you stay afloat. But for people who have been running on empty or have gone into debt, the Worker Lockdown Benefit won’t be much help. Goldhar & Associates Ltd., however, can be there for you.

Increasing rates of vaccination and compliance with public health policies has left the country in a much better place than where it was last year at this time. Yet there is still an element of uncertainty, and not just with the risks of further breakout infections, the Delta variant and lockdowns. Some businesses are still operating at limited capacity and many workers have been laid off or are still jobhunting. You may have been taking out loans or missing payments to try and make things work. With a more targeted benefit in the case of a complete lockdown, you will probably not see government assistance right away.

There is still help available, especially in these uncertain times. Goldhar & Associates Ltd. is a safe place to turn to with all of your questions, concerns and problems. If you are in debt, struggling to make ends meet or want to explore your financial options, a free consultation is always available. You don’t have to face the future on your own; reach out today by calling 855-541-5114, emailing, or visiting our website: