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Goldhar is Ontario’s fastest-growing independent licensed insolvency trustee. Because we’re not part of a big accounting firm, we are fast and flexible. We’re also friendly.

You can meet with Goldhar today and file a consumer proposal or bankruptcy as soon as tomorrow. In some situations, it may take a few more days to finalize the paperwork.

The faster you review your debt situation with Goldhar, the faster you can get out of debt.

Book an appointment now for your free financial review, with no obligation to proceed. Call 1-855-541-5114 or fast dial #debt (#3328) on your mobile phone.

Why fast matters

A consumer proposal or bankruptcy stops all collection action and prevents new actions. Interest on your debts is also stopped. But if a lien has already been registered against your home or against other properties and assets, or the property is under foreclosure, your consumer proposal or bankruptcy will not discharge the debt. If you suspect any creditor, including the Canada Revenue Agency, is moving to register a lien, or foreclose on a property, time is of the essence. Get to Goldhar now! We’ll move as fast as possible to file your consumer proposal or bankruptcy.

Once you have filed your consumer proposal or bankruptcy, your creditors are prevented from registering against your property or foreclosing.

For more information about consumer proposals and bankruptcy, read these Frequently Asked Questions.

Anywhere in Ontario there is a Goldhar near you.

Goldhar has offices in Mississauga, mid-town Toronto, Thornhill, Niagara Falls, Stratford, London, Tillsonberg, Chatham, Windsor, Whitby, Belleville, Kingston and Ottawa, with more opening soon.

For a list of our office addresses, click here.

We are also happy to come to you. We can meet at your home or office, or even the local Tim Horton’s.

Our offices are open from 8 am to 7 pm weekdays, and from 9 am to 2 pm Saturdays. Many of our offices do not require an appointment in advance. Please check our office list to see which offices welcome walk-ins during business hours.

Talk to Goldhar today and you can be debt free as soon as tomorrow.
Call 1-855-541-5114 or fast dial #debt ( #3328) on your mobile phone.