How do I know I need debt help?


When you are afraid to answer the phone if you don’t know the caller…

When you dread what is in the mailbox, or hide mail from your spouse…

When the Canada Revenue Agency comes knocking on your door, or seizes your bank account or wages…

When you cannot remember the last time you paid all the bills on time…

… it is time to shed the debt® and get your financial life back in balance.

Life is a balancing act. Kids, job, elderly parents, health… anything can become an unexpected speed bump. When the bills are growing faster than your budget, it does not take long before you feel out of control. Seeking help with your debt is the first step in restoring balance to your financial life and your future.

Consider seeking debt help when:

  • you regularly miss essential payments on mortgage, rent, car
    loan or lease, utilities like hydro, gas, water;
  • your credit cards have been maxed out for 3 months or more
    and you are not able to make the minimum payments;
  • your arrears payments are assigned to collection action agencies;
  • collection action escalates to legal proceedings;
  • you are turned down for refinancing or secured loans;
  • your bank account or wages are garnished;
  • your loved ones feel the impact of your financial stress.

You may think you are protecting your family by avoiding insolvency. But when your family also feels the pressure – your spouse is afraid to answer the door, or your children are unable to participate in important activities with their peers – seeking the help of a licensed debt professional is responsible, and likely essential.

As a licensed insolvency trustee (LIT), Goldhar & Associates can protect you from creditors and help you settle your debt for pennies on the dollar through a consumer proposal or an assignment in bankruptcy.

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