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What makes Goldhar different.

Goldhar & Associates Ltd. is committed to helping individuals and businesses find fast and effective ways to relieve the burden of debt and rebuild their financial position for lifelong stability.

From his earliest experience as an analyst in a small insolvency firm, founder Richard Goldhar saw first-hand the crippling effects of serious financial distress on families and small business owners. He immediately understood that most people ran into trouble, not by design or even irresponsible behaviour, but when the speed bumps of life threw their financial stability out of balance.

From this he was inspired to found Goldhar & Associates Ltd. with a mission to help people resolve financial turmoil in fast, friendly ways; recover their sense of self-worth; and preserve, wherever possible, the assets they deemed most essential to their family.

This sensitivity to the personal ramifications of insolvency sets Goldhar apart and has earned the trust and thanks of the people Goldhar has helped shed the debt.

Here’s a sample of the kind words we hear from people we have helped:

“ Goldhar is, without doubt, the best thing that has ever happened to me financially. If you have made some mistakes and need some financial help, give them 25 minutes and they will change your life. The staff are all efficient and friendly and they take the time to make sure you understand the finer details every step of the way. If you are thinking of contacting them do yourself a favour and call them now! ” MP

Goldhar’s debt resolution strategies are always customized to fit your financial and personal needs. This personalized, hands-on approach ensures that when you meet with a Goldhar shed the debt specialist to discuss a consumer proposal, or other debt relief options, you will continue to receive their personal attention until your debts are fully resolved.

The Goldhar team of shed the debt specialists includes trustees, experienced debt counsellors, and administrative staff who are committed to address your needs during and after your insolvency filing. You can call them anytime to discuss ongoing questions or concerns about your credit or debt troubles.

Call Goldhar today for your free personal financial review. Toll-free 1-855-541-5114. Or fast dial #debt (#3328) on your mobile phone.