Rockwater on Main Inc.

On January 21, 2021, Goldhar & Associates Ltd. became the court-appointed receiver and manager in respect of the property of Rockwater on Main Inc.

All inquiries regarding the administration of this receivership may be directed to Marlene Oilgisser at or 855-541-5144.


Court and Government Documents

    1. Order appointing Receiver Jan 21 2021
    2. Creditor Mailing List
    3. Notice and Statement of Receiver
    4. Application Record
    5. Rockwater Second interim report of Receiver
    6. Rockwater on Main – Approval and Vesting Order, dated 21-SEPT-2022 (entered 22-SEPT-2022)
    7. Rockwater on Main – Court Endorsement – Sep 21, 2022