Kind words from people we have helped

Everyone at Goldhar is committed to help you shed the debt® and start a fresh financial future.

Our best reward is seeing the smiles on the faces of the families we have helped shed the burden of debt and get on with what really matters in life. When a client takes the time to write a thank you note, it is a special bonus.

Here are some of the kind words people have shared:

Hi I have been under tons of stress due to debt problems that occurred over the past few years. Finally made the decision to do something about it Glad I found Goldhar through a family member who also was helped by Goldhar. Their team has made the whole process a breeze and can finally sleep at night without being harassed by creditors. They worked wonders and were able to reduce my debt drastically to a very manageable monthly payment. Brigit Bedesky has been great with tons of help and pointers to the recovery process and rebuilding credit. I would strongly recommend Goldhar to anyone who has financial difficulties. TT

Hello, For the first time in my life, I experienced financial difficulty. It is a thorn in my heart to have no one to turn to or to speak to about my concern. Until one day I was directed to Goldhar. Listening to them and hearing, and understanding, was such a load off my mind. I felt there was a remedy to all of my financial problems.

Thank you Goldhar for being there for me. Thank you Birgit, you did well in explaining, it shows you are very knowledgeable in what you are doing. Your other staff as well are very courteous and very understanding in helping people. I will recommend GOLDHAR to anyone that needs help. I would like to remain anonymous but you can share. OV

I am a new client with this firm so far everything in their service as been great answering all my questions and helpful in getting the matter done paying back credit cards .
There expertise have make me calm and reassuring me everything will be ok by following their advise.

Goldhar has gone above and beyond to provide me with a solution to my financial problems. My monthly output is approximately $500 less per month and even though it is still a bit of a struggle each month, the burden on my shoulders has been enormously reduced. The agents are extraordinarily understanding, polite, sympathetic and will “bend over backwards” to assist in any and everyway possible. I can’t think off a better route to fallow for those in financial difficulties. I have only praise for their assistance and understanding. – KP

I was in a thought spot and trying to figure out how to deal with it I called one night and the owner took the call and started our business relationship. The process was smooth and the owner and his staff took good care of me. I needed the help and they provided great service for me and now I’m debt free and back on track.
thank you,
Goldhar Team!

I went for my meeting in Belleville with kelly Ann She is amazing. Then I met Richard he is great too. U guys have helped me out Nd get my life back on track for my future d my 5 girls.. thanks so much..

I would like to thank Kim. U for having called me and help me with my bankruptcy. She was a fantastic help and made sure I understood and had patience to explain, she didn’t rush me and answered my questions. She was a great help and I would like to thank Kim.U and Goldhar for being here for me and helping me…thank you, Bless 🏻..

I recently had filed for consumer proposal with Goldhar in October. I was quite nervous about the idea and felt like I would have been able to pay off my debts on my own. The truth is I have a bad spending habit that has lasted years and I didn’t know how to get myself out of it. I’m quite pleased that after researching different firms, I decided to go with yours because you did something differently than the others; you cared about the long term goal for the client. Catherine Stockton walked me through the whole process and made me feel very comfortable with the decision. She made me feel empowered by the decision to go with a consumer proposal. I also appreciated my follow up phone call with Kim today. I never felt comfortable talking about my finances since I was never really in a good place with it. Kim’s phone call inspired me to be transparent with my budget and talk about finances with my spouse and implement some new state goes to stay on track.


So thank you for your 5 star service and I’ll be sure to recommend your services to any friends and family in a situation when they’re ready for the assistance.

Goldhar is, without doubt, the best thing that has ever happened to me financially. If you have made some mistakes and need some financial help, give them 25 minutes and they will change your life. The staff are all efficient and friendly and they take the time to make sure you understand the finer details every step of the way. If you are thinking of contacting them do yourself a favour and call them now! JT

After I left your office I kept thinking of your theme line ‘rebalance and come back to life’. That’s exactly how I feel. Back to life. can’t thank you enough. V

I just want to share my heartfelt appreciation to the Goldhar team. I appreciate all your efforts, professionalism and prompt service. This has been one of the hardest situations I have been through and I never wanted it to get to this point but in the end, I am happy to have Goldhar on my team. Thank you for all the work you do to help people like me who just walked down the wrong path too many times but I am finally seeing a light at the end of that dark tunnel. MP

I would like to thank you and your staff for handling my financial liabilities in a professional manner. I highly appreciate your work and will definitely recommend you to anyone I run into that requires your services. Thank you for your help. A.S.

I was making outrageous payments to credit card debt (fraud) that I could not afford during the pandemic and being a single mother. I was told about goldhar and gave them a call. I’m now making payments that I can actually afford and I’m able to put money into my savings account and buy things that were needed for my daughter and myself. I finally found help that actually works for me and my situation and income status. They are always available to help. Thanks so much. Signed….. One relieved mother! Lisa H

I was in debt for almost 6 years with no sign of improvement. Being on a fixed income made it impossible to get ahead. I did some looking around and found “Goldhar & Associates” . I contacted them, and they explained what was involved in a bankruptcy and in a Consumer Proposal. I picked the Consumer Proposal and it was the best decision I have made in a while! I went from over $25000 in debt and never getting ahead to only paying $100 a month for 60 months!! Thanks to “Goldhar & Associates” there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!

We are a client with Goldhar, for a consumer proposal. We would like to appreciate the hard, sincere, and professional work the team did for us that we can say it loudly, thank you for making our life easier, for the sessions they are doing to us, answering our questions. that made us feel we are part of this family. Bless you, all. Happy Client

Hello good afternoon today I had a very informative conversation with Goldhar Team regarding with my first counselling. She is very helpful and very polite to talk with. She gave me all the possible steps how to settle my finances & she make clearly how I can improve my situation. She told me how to save & pay my monthly obligation to goldhar in timely manner. Thank you & your group to make my problem easily & affordable. My life is easier & no harassment from the creditor. And I promise to settle my obligations on time. I really appreciate you all…thank you very much… Regards Joaquin

I was in debt for almost 6 years with no sign of improvement. Being on a fixed income made it impossible to get ahead. I did some looking around and found “Goldhar & Associates” . I contacted them, and they explained what was involved in a bankruptcy and in a Consumer Proposal. I picked the Consumer Proposal and it was the best decision I have made in a while! I went from over $25000 in debt and never getting ahead to only paying $100 a month for 60 months!!
Thanks to “Goldhar & Associates” there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!

Through my whole process Goldhar has treated me with the up most respect.  I felt embarrassed after 40 years of always paying my bills to going bankrupt. I dealt with several workers and councilors during my process and would recommend Goldhar for anyone having financial issues. They walked me through step by step. Thank you Goldhar for your help.




I did received a call from Kimberly Ann Uszynsky counselling session #1 for my proposal. She explained to me about developed a budget, list of financial goals, spending habits, responsible use of credit….very professional and easy to understand, now I much more comfortable for my financial goals. 
Thank you very much
Men Tran

Goldhar has helped me recover from my debt and set me on the right path to growing my credit and savings in the future. Their counseling sessions were very informative and helpful for setting goals. I am not scared anymore when I think of my financial future. 
Thank you Goldhar & Associates



Sarah Patterson

I was referral to Goldhar and Associates by my daughter and was glad she did. They have been quite proficient, professional, informative and prompt in their dealings with me. I have been able to reach them in a timely manner and their quick response, either by phone or email has been exceptional. Their professionalism and knowledge tempered with understanding of my frame of mind as I go through the process is refreshing and I would have no reservation recommending them to those in financial difficulties who need a way out .
Peter V

I can’t thank Goldhar enough for the help they have provided for me on my financial journey. They have made the process very easy and everyone has been super supportive along the way. Financial issues can be overwhelming and emotionally draining and not once did I ever feel judged or embarrassed by my difficulties. Kim has been absolutely fantastic and has provided some amazing financial and life advice along the way. I’m so grateful for her help and expertise. Thank you Goldhar! I finally feel like I’m on track.

Thank you,

Morgan Guertin

I am so thankful to have found Goldhar & Associates Ltd. They have completely changed my financial situation to a place that I never thought I’d be able to get to not would I have if I hadn’t found them. Obviously when I first heard of them I was extremely skeptical as it seems too good to be true to be dept free and be able to pay less than you actually owe. Regardless I took a chance and heard them out and decided to go through with it. The staff were so informative, understanding, helpful and polite. They really do care to help people through rough times, they include mandatory counselling which has really motivated and educated me into saving as well as how to recover from financial hardship. Best decision I could have ever made, I would definitely recommend Goldhar to anyone stuck in debt and in need of a fresh worry free start. Thank you immensely.

Jasmyne Orescanin

2020 was a very difficult year for most of us, I most say my financial troubles started before. Last year I was facing a lot of uncertainty. Every month, I had to chose which bill I was going to pay next, almost creating a system of late payment follow-up. Constantly stressing about bills was exhausting and emotionally draining.

I am so grateful Goldhar was able to help me get thru what I thought it would be a very difficult process. I was able to explain my situation and found nothing but empathy and support. I can now proudly say I have been paying all my bills on time! I have confidence now that by following my financial plan I will be able to provide a better future for me and my beautiful daughter.

Thanks  Goldhar!

Ivette C.

I would like thank the staff both at Goldhar as well as 4Pillars for their knowledge and ease of helping me through my consumer proposal. They made it painless. I definitely recommend them. If you’ve been avoiding the idea, as I was, fear not! Yes I have to rebuild my credit, but with recent events in the world my situation changed very quickly. Now I can concentrate on my future without nearly the stress I had 7 months ago.

My Name is Lynda, I found my self in deep financial trouble over $30,00 in debt that I could not get out of, my life was a mess, I couldn’t sleep or eat from the worry.
I had heard about debt consolidation on the radio and called.
Goldhar has been wonderful, helpful and informative, the credit counselling is invaluable.
This was by far one of my smartest moves. Thank you Goldhar!!!!


Hi, My name is Morris Gelbart.
  Just wanted to thank the team at Goldhar for helping me through my proposal, and answering all my questions, and following up with me on advice going forward. Much appreciated
Morris Gelbart


I was in over my head in over debit, but I reached out to Goldhar and they helped me get out of debit. I feel free and happy with low payments a month. I feel much better with life. I don’t have to worry any more about how to pay rent or nothing. I am glad that I made that call to Goldhar and now I am free from debit and never again will I ever put myself in that position again. Thank you Goldhar team for helping me get out of debt and live a happy life.

Theresa Miller

i am writing this message in gratitude for the professional help and support that I have received from Kim Uszynski, during the counselling calls in regards to my financial Proposal. I am very pleased with all the advice and prompt help that she delivered and strongly recommend her and also Goldhar company to anyone in need, in difficult times of financial distress. 
Veronica Ianceoglu 

Veronica A. Ianceoglu
Veronica A. Ianceoglu