The Niagara Office Grand Opening

Goldhar & Associates

brings fresh new approach to debt troubles with

Grand Opening

of Niagara Peninsula office.

Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati to cut the gold ribbon Thursday June 19 at 4:30 pm.

Richard Goldhar, President of Goldhar & Associates Ltd, a licensed Trustee in Bankruptcy offering debt management and restructuring solutions to individuals and small businesses, is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of the firm’s first satellite office, located here in Niagara Falls.

Goldhar’s Niagara Falls office is located at 4300 Drummond Street. The local office has been open for business since April (2014), managed by Bonnie Bryan, also a licensed Trusteebonnie in Bankruptcy and insolvency professional, who is well known in the Niagara region financial community

The office Grand Opening Celebration on Thursday, June 19 is an opportunity for local businesses, legal and financial professionals to meet the staff at Goldhar and get a first-hand look at Goldhar’s innovative “shed the debt” approach to debt management. Mayor Jim Diodati will attend as the Guest of Honour to cut the gold ribbon and welcome Goldhar to Niagara Falls

Goldhar & Associate’s head office is situated in Mississauga, near Pearson Airport. However, Goldhar trustees will travel to consult with clients in an extended Golden Horseshoe area stretching from Barrie in the north, to Kitchener and London in the Southwest, and Niagara Falls/Fort Erie/St. Catharines in the south.

Mr. Goldhar brings the enthusiasm of his youth and the professionalism of his solid financial experience to an insolvency practice dedicated to helping hard working people find real-life strategies to relieve the burden of debt and to achieve their goals and lifelong financial stability. This is a positive addition to the Niagara community and welcome resource to residents and small business owners.

“My business is to assist people in times of financial stress”, says Richard Goldhar, B. Comm, CIRP, whose insolvency practice launched in December 2103, and has already grown to one of the busiest practices in southern Ontario. “I am happy to extend the reach of my firm to Niagara Falls to make our debt management services convenient and accessible to people and business in the Niagara region.”

As licensed Trustees in Bankruptcy, Mr. Goldhar and Ms Bryan are committed to take the fear and stress out of managing trouble with debt. “Good people can end up carrying a heavy debt load”, says Mr. Goldhar. “All it takes is one speed bump to knock your financial stability off balance. I encourage people to get over their fear and talk to me about their worries before the problem gets out of control. I am happiest when I can tell people they don’t need to file a consumer proposal or a bankruptcy. In these cases I can direct them to lenders or other resources to help them get their bills under control. But there are times when retiring the debt is the wisest financial decision in the long term.”

Mr. Goldhar’s early experiences in CA-dominated insolvency firms has inspired him to stay true to his values and create his professional practice centered around the financial and personal needs of his clients. His personal, hands-on approach ensures that people who meet with him or with Ms. Bryan to discuss a consumer proposal, or other debt retirement options, will continue to have the personal attention of the Trustee until their debts are fully retired.

This personal approach is what attracted Bonnie Bryan away from a more structured, accountant-driven insolvency firm. “At Goldhar I can give people the personal attention and debt counseling they need to get back on a sound financial footing. I am always only a phone call away. That kind of service and support just doesn’t happen at a big, faceless firm.”

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