Who are you protecting?


People convince themselves that it’s better for their families to struggle with debt instead of seeking professional assistance. But when debt gets out of control, creditors start calling, and wages and bank accounts are garnished, are you really protecting the ones you love?

That is the story behind Goldhar & Associates  :30 second and :10 second television commercials, which are airing on CP24 and CTV2  in the greater Toronto area, and on Roger TV Listings in Belleville.

The spot, titled BORN TO SKATE, tells the story of a Dad whose debt troubles kept his young son from starting hockey last year with his friends. This year, thanks to professional debt assistance from Goldhar, Dad’s finances are back on an even keel, and his son is the star of his hockey team.

“The story touches every Canadian family,” says Richard Goldhar, Licensed Insolvency Trustee at Goldhar & Associates. “Playing hockey is fundamentally Canadian. It’s how kids keep pace with their peer group, and where they learn important social skills about teamwork and competitive spirit. When a family’s debt troubles keep children from taking their place on a hockey team, or any other activity, with children their own age, whether it’s sports, or arts, or school trips, the debt is hurting everyone in the family. That is when it’s time to seek professional debt assistance. Goldhar & Associates is proud to help families across Ontario take charge and shed the debt so everyone can get back in the game.”

Goldhar & Associates has offices across Ontario, and can meet with you as soon as the same day, or the next day after you call. To arrange a free consultation, with no obligation to move forward on any of the debt strategies that Goldhar may propose to solve your unique situation, dial #(pound) debt on your mobile phone. Or call toll-free 1-855-541-5114.

There’s also an easy contact form right here on the website.

Don’t let your debt trouble keep your family out of the game. Talk to Goldhar & Associates today. We help.