Will the neighbours know I have debt trouble?

Goldhar Shed The DebtDon’t be embarrassed. And don’t be shy.
It’s natural to want to protect your privacy and your dignity when you’re dealing with unmanageable debt.
Here is the good news: nobody needs to know.

Working with Goldhar permits you to come to terms with your creditors confidentially. Your family, your employer, your neighbours don’t need to know a thing – unless you happen to be formally indebted to them, which most often is not the case.

Your Goldhar shed the debt® specialist can help you work out what to say to the children at home. But believe us when we say that the kids will only notice your smile. And they will be happier to see you bounce back to life. So will your mother, your community group, your friends, your brothers and sisters…

There will be no visits to your home, no notices posted on the door. The neighbours have no reason to know you are working with a Trustee in Bankruptcy. And there is no need to contact your employer – unless your wages are garnished, in which case our contact will be of the best kind – to advise of the removal of the garnishment.

How do I know if I need to file a consumer proposal?

Use Goldhar’s online rebalance® tool to calculate your total liabilities and assets.

You’ll find it here http://www.shedthedebt.ca/rebalance . Set up a secure online account so you can go back to your budget any time. Now enter all your income and expenses in the boxes. The rebalance tool will do the math for you and show you how much money you have, or don’t have, after you pay all the bills. If the shortfall is significant – and does not look like it will get any better – a consumer proposal could be a wise financial decision. The longer you carry too much debt, the farther away you get from financial health, happiness, and a stable future.

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